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Hyms of fall

Actualizado: may 12


My hyms on October felt cold in your hand

Dry ink on the stereo, dry tears in my face.

For you were rhytm of the night and I lived in a silent place,

our melody and chords would always ran.

I don’t know my rhymes yet you keep my poems

Don't hide your lips in my head, I might go ahead and break them

Some subtle light of the moon can keeps us from falling through

But a flaming forest can’t be put out by the blues

Maybe if I leave this crying forever,

Or perhaps if I breed a seed of taller trees,

Or even go and sing on silk made of broken tears.

Who I am and who I could become could just be memories, some more thoughts I’ll never reagain.


But November came and fade away,

another december goes and I'm still falling.

A guess of mystery whispers on our straying,

It'll be winter even if spring comes,

and I‘ll still play my hyms of fall.

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